Love & Liberation

We could choose to be a nation that extends care, compassion, and concern to those who are locked up and locked out or headed for prison before they are old enough to vote. We could seek for them the same opportunities we seek for our own children; we could treat them like one of “us.” We could do that.
— Michelle Alexander


The Brutal Facts

The United States puts more children in jail than any other nation in the world. The criminal justice system does little to build the capacity of young people. Here's our plan to do better for young people and their families.  Black children are 5 times as likely as white children to incarcerated in large part because of racist policing and in part because of the racial implications of the school to prison pipeline. Learn more about how we work to get Black children free.


Racial Justice Workshops


Our work is racial justice work. Our work is inspired by that of Black leaders past and present. We're happy to talk with your school or community organization about ways to fight back against the mass incarceration of Black children. 

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