Our Work

By and for Black Kids: 

Underground’s goal is to get Black kids free from the systems that oppress them. We can’t solve white supremacy in day, but we can pull apart 4 key systems that enact white supremacy everyday. In particular we combat:

  1. Mass incarceration 
  2. Trauma 
  3. Debt 
  4. Low quality schools 

In order to get Black kids free we:

  1. Provide funds for bail and legal defense. Nintey eight percent of youth in Louisiana’s juvenile justice system report having no contact with a lawyer. 
  2. Provide empowerment groups and resources for Black children recovering from trauma. Studies and narratives from Black people continue to demonstrate the ways in which trauma head been passed down from chattel slavery. We partner with schools to empower students most affected by this trauma. 
  3. We provide free financial education, investment planning, ACT / SAT prep and college scholarship coaching to 8th-12th grade students.
  4. Black children are systematically disadvantaged by low quality schools. We provide tutoring that aims to ensure that Black children are able to compete with their white peers in terms of their academic skills and credentials.