The Fellowship


3 Summers

We want to end the school to prison pipeline. So we take kids who would otherwise be incarcerated and welcome them into our schools. Our schools serve the needs of students, we'll have on site health, legal and family services. Our students will participate in the preparation of healthy and delicious breakfast lunch and dinner. We'll also provide high quality, electronically enriched, individualized instruction with the goal of preparing our students to thrive college and in their careers. 

Spend your summer both learning, designing and preparing to lead your very own small school that explicitly works to get kids dealing with the system of mass incarceration out of it permanently. Summers will be intense periods of planning and practice. We'll visit schools, learn from experts and innovate along the way. Expect full 8 hour days for 6 weeks. Expect to grow as a leader. Expect to work like a champion. 



During The Year

During the year, while you're working in your job or your school, you'll continue to build your leadership capacity. You'll build your board, you'll fund raise, you'll recruit your team and you'll make the operations of your future school strong. We'll need 10 of your hours each month. In those 10 hours you'll complete readings, practical foundational work for your school, recruitment plans and will participate in leadership development conference calls. 


Your School

You'll be the motivational and transformational leader of a very small school (less than 50 students) that will be an alternative to incarceration and a leader in setting the standard for holistic care for children who need it. You'll be a game changer and we'll be there to support you. 


Nuts and Bolts

Logistics Matter

  • The fellowship is paid. 
  • We'll secure you housing with a host so you don't have to worry about housing costs.
  • The fellowship is competitive and each year we'll bring on 2-3 fellows. Be part of our first class!
  • We rotate cities where our schools will be: DC, Oakland, New Orleans and potentially other cities. We'll also host a winter retreat for 2nd and 3rd years in Amherst, MA. 


  • A demonstrated commitment to anti-racist work
  • A passion for ending the school to prison pipeline
  • 2-3 years experience in an urban school setting as a successful teacher or leader
  • A ability to set strategic vision
  • The ability to make a 3 year commitment

If you have a history of incarceration - please apply. We'll talk about it, but we understand how the system works. If you come from a community targeted by the system of mass incarceration because of your race, gender identify or class background, you are encouraged to apply!